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•   Poolnt as a company will provide an electronic recruitment market for both the corporates and recruitment agencies.

•   We will be providing an integrated platform where the corporates will post their job openings and the recruitment agencies will be working on the jobs posted and bring forth the potential candidates with the required skill sets.

•   Poolnt will bridge the gap and assist corporates hire faster and smarter, the recruitment agencies will be having exposure to work on more number of job openings by different corporates.

•   We will provide them a digital platform on which they will be posting their job openings regularly, in a pool of electronic space marketplace.

•   From this trusted brand, the corporates can obtain potential candidates on the posted job and this will eliminate various tie-ups with different recruitment consultants to fulfill the job openings. Poolnt will be the single point of contact where you just have to post your requirement and the process further will be done by us.

•   Recruitment agencies are the other half of our business model. We will give the recruitment agencies a chance to work on multiple number of job openings posted by different corporate. They are not required to visit the clients for position and can even work on positions of corporates who are not their clients as well.


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For Corporates

Poolnt works to reduce the load of the corporate by increasing their range from a few recruitment agencies to a huge recruiter’s pool. We are the single point of contact from where they can hire in a smarter and a faster way.

For Consultants

Being a vendor of Poolnt brings to you an ocean of opportunities. You get to work on job postings by companies which are not limited to your list of clients. This brings in more number of openings, quicker closures and better incentives.

For Solo Recruiters

Once you are with Poolnt, you get an option to work on the job openings of all our clients. You have a better chance to get your candidates placed as you can choose between location, talent or specific skill -set based jobs and thus make quick money.

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